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Chilling Out on A Swing!

There are no free lunches as they say.

Lady Mary Crawle. & Lady Violet Crawley

So which characteristics one should quaff as an Architect ?

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey Image Courtesy: Google Images
  1. “It’s easy to be generous when you have nothing to lose.” — Season One, Episode Five.
Maggie Smith as Lady Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham Image Courtesy: Google Images

When times get tough at Downton Abbey, we can always rely on Granny Violet to deliver a bit of pithy wisdom or a one-line zinger;

  1. “I don’t dislike him. I just don’t like him. Which is quite different.” Season Two, Episode Six.

An experienced architect who has build and deployed things on production has a sixth sense and can foresee the the Spring & perfect storm alike and there is a lot to learn from the characters of these fictional but real life relatable characters.

Downton Abbey’s 8 Golden Wisdom for an Architect

  1. Take all the advises and make a Correct & Firm Decision. Architecture decision and consequences are your Only.
  2. You know the code is not Prod worthy; Please Press “Request for Change” button on the PR request.
  3. Have Courage & Wisdom to decide , choose the right architecture and brawn to to take it to production against all odd.
  4. Choose wisely between FR & NFR
  5. Build a simple and Robust architecture, Don’t over-complicate it.
  6. Have options; Make correct trade-offs and follow it up with right remedial.
  7. Never complain, never explain; Own It; Fix It; Move On
  8. Keep a list of Tech-Debts and List should be never be empty.

Let’s Architect like Lady Crawley & Lady Violet

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Elizabeth McGovern as Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham; Image Credit: Pinterest

A Real Architect Works in Ownership Mode.

And She/He needn’t to be Managed.

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