I Wish ॰॰॰

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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I wish
I had a life where I could experience
The joy of giving.
A real one, not the fake.

I wish
I had given up everything I had
To thank you enough, for giving me so much.
All the love and those tears to get my attention.

I wish
I could eat up all my lust
For just one innocent hug
My dearest one.

I wish
I could answer the question,
you asked me ‘the day’;
And I kept quiet ,
Weighing the consequences.

I wish
I could tell you how much my heart cried
With a smile on the face.
When I saw you happy,
My lost love.

I wish
I had lied to save your tears.
When I chose to speak
The truth for a change, my love.

I wish
I could say goodbye to all
with a hope to come back with nothing else
but courage to speak up and face the truth.

I wish ॰॰॰

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