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Today I want to write about my experience working with this amazing company called Whatfix.

To be very frank It took me more than a year to decide and leave my previous organisation which has been a great place for learning and growing.

I met some of the finest engineers , architects, mentors, leaders and got opportunity to work on state of the art technologies. It also embodied me with the culture of customer consciousness and sense of urgency and ownership.

I spent a majority of my professional career there and saw few people leaving the organisation over 18.5 years of career there; and almost all of them are at enviable places and I am sure their tenure in my previous organisation must have played a part in their success.

Thanks Huawei for playing a big part to make me what I am today as a professional and as an Architect.

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I will be ever in debt to Huawei and its fine people bestowing only the finest to me over so many years.

I didn’t leave my previous organisation for compensation or technology or people or anything else.

The only reason I left my previous organisation after spending 18.5 years was;

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To do something different at a different place and with different set of people and a bit differently to see if I can do this or not ?

Today I’ve completed 452 days in Whatfix and answers to all these are resounding; “Yes”

In my view I can say that I could able to achieve all the goals I had set for myself while joining Whatfix.

Today I am extremely confident and have not an iota of doubt in my mind that; I can do it again if that need arises;

Now when this self validation is done, I feel it’s time to give something back to this amazing organisation and I am more than determined to give it all if I can to the best of my abilities.

And I feel that I am on the way to be part of a dream where;

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Overlay will be next Search Engine.

Only time will tell If it’s true or not and I am not sure how far I will go in this journey; but wherever I will be; If all goes well my above statement will still stand right here and time will be the testament of quondam of this belief.

Thanks Whatfix for letting me see other side of the World and making me a better person and architect.

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Don’t leave home for money if possible;

Leave to explore the new world.

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About the Me:

I’m a Computer Science Engineer; I love to and attempt to write about; Humans and Philosophy, Poets and Poems, Artists and Arts and Humans and Computers; all together, all intermingled, all united as an unison like a Beethoven Symphony.

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